Sports Content Production

SportCAST- our sports event management service, covers the production process for your studio-based sports content. We provide our own production studio to record and produce your sports content.

This differs to live sports event broadcasting. Click here to view our sports broadcasting services. Perhaps you’re looking to conduct a sports event programme. Featuring experienced presenters who discuss the sports event with athletes. You may even want to include virtual debates with remote sports fans in your show. We include all of the above, and much more with SportCAST.

How Does SportCAST Work?

  1. Giggabox Studio provides the production base for the creation of core content and programming
  2. GIGGABOX CONNECT technology allows remote participants into the show, with interactive live features
  3. Video content features, including sponsor funded content and rights owner promotional assets
  4. Delivered across a branded 3-D studio format, with main content edited for social media channels
  5. Provides real time analytics and feedback through the digital platforms
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Sports Event Management Companies UK

We pride ourselves on being different to other sports production companies. We always put our clients first. We make sure your event is being produced exactly the way you intend it to be.

Our strategic sports content production process allows us to produce, broadcast, and market your sports event to the highest possible standard. No other sports event management companies have such a complete sports event management system.

Our Green Screen Studio

To produce the highest possible quality sports shows, we need a green screen studio fit for the job. When managing sports events, we use our own professional green screen studio which is fully equipped to deliver high-quality sports productions.

Our green screen studio allows us to create bespoke environments for our clients’ sports events. It is also capable of incorporating virtual sports fans during the event.

Green Screen Studio London

From our green screen facility in Buckinghamshire, we expertly manage, produce, and organise sports events.

Click here to learn more about our green screen studios.

 Global Green Screen Studio Facilities

Through our network of carefully selected partners, we have facilities in all major cities around the world. Including New York, Madrid, Amsterdam, Dubai, Mumbai, Boston, San Francisco, and Central London.

So if you are looking to facilitate a sports event yourself, but need a green screen studio, contact us and find out how we can host your production.

We are proud of the relationships we build with our clients.

We’ve produced so many exciting sports events for companies around the world! We are proud to work with each of our sports clients. From industry leaders to private clients, we value each partnership equally.

We put our clients first and ensure their events are completed to the highest possible quality.

Sport Events Production London

As experienced producers of sport, we also recognise the real challenges that rights holders face. We’ll help you develop a compelling content strategy to support live event programming, that can be produced cost efficiently.

Working new content formats into existing social media channels to enhance content proposition and deliver engagement opportunities

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