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Business Events, Conference Events

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BMA House, London, England

Event Date

February 2023

Successful conference production for the third year running

The Researcher to Reader Hybrid Conference 2023 is a collaborative gathering which aims to be the premier forum for discussion of the international scholarly communications ecosystem – bringing knowledge from the Researcher to the Reader

R2R returned to Giggabox with the need for technical and creative expertise to enhance the digital elements of their upcoming event (following successful events in 2021 and 2022, and with the recommendation of their event management partners The Events Hub). The client required a hybrid event solution with the ability to bring in speakers and panellists remotely from anywhere, as well as run other content remotely, conduct Q&As and polls, and facilitate audience interactions.

In addition, the client required filming in the plenary room, with 3 cameras but only one manually operated to capture panellists and audience questions properly, as well as vision-mixing and audio management/engineering.  When event footage is filmed with multiple cameras, it offers higher quality production values, so we were able to choose the best footage from different angles. This is particularly important when an event has fast-paced Q&A sessions and debates.

GBX crew at R2R conference 2023

Facilitating a comprehensive hybrid event

Giggabox was tasked with providing comprehensive hybrid conference event production services for the annual Researcher to Reader Hybrid Conference 2023.

The event required a crew of three on-site, including one camera operator and vision mixer, as well as two virtual production specialists at HQ. The production team was responsible for managing video production in-house, streaming content to the platform, supporting speakers and moderators, operating green rooms, and creating graphics.

In addition to managing the logistical requirements, Giggabox also facilitated audience engagement by addressing questions from virtual attendees. As the event’s technical partner, Giggabox leveraged its proprietary Giggabox CONNECT technology to enable seamless communication between on-site and remote participants.

There were over 200 delegates, with 25% of the participants joining online and 75% at the physical venue. There was a balanced distribution between new and returning attendees, with 60% of attendees being from the UK and 40% from the rest of the world.

To ensure a successful outcome, the Giggabox team conducted extensive preparation and planning. This included multiple calls with the venue to coordinate logistics and ensure the seamless execution of the event. The team also held briefing sessions with the speakers and moderators to ensure they were fully prepared to participate in the event.


Utilising high-quality event streaming software

To ensure the success of the Researcher to Reader Hybrid Conference 2023, Giggabox utilised a variety of project management techniques. This included developing RACI (responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed) documents to define roles and responsibilities, holding Zoom calls to facilitate real-time communication, conducting regular internal and client check-ins, and utilising online briefs to ensure clear expectations and objectives.

Throughout the process, we maintained open and transparent communication with the client. This included regular check-up calls, email communication, and other forms of regular correspondence. As the event was a carbon copy of the previous year’s conference, Giggabox had the trust of the client to adequately produce it.

In terms of event services and creative elements, Giggabox utilised its Giggabox CONNECT technology to facilitate seamless communication between on-site and remote participants. Standard graphics were also created, including lower thirds (graphical elements in the lower screen area to give the viewer information) and wipes (transition between screens). While Giggabox did not provide the event platform or graphic design, the team leveraged streaming software to ensure high-quality video production and delivery.

Despite the tight timeline, we were able to successfully plan and execute the event within four weeks. By leveraging our expertise in event production, the team was able to deliver a high-quality experience for all participants, without compromising on quality or attention to detail.

R2R conference Feb 2023 setup

Event results and client responses

Client feedback indicated that all of their objectives were met, as indicated by their high rating on all metrics on the feedback form we received post-event, with 5 stars in all categories and the likelihood of recommending the event to others.

The organisers of R2R also surveyed the delegates for their feedback, and 100% of the respondents (both online and at the physical venue) rated the audio-visual production positively, marking it as ‘Good’ (33%) or ‘Great’ (67%).

Feedback from clients and attendees is important to us because it provides insight into the effectiveness of our work and allows for continuous improvement. Responses like this allow Giggabox to provide high-quality services and meet the needs of its clients and attendees. 

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