Event Type

Sports Events

Event Location

Dorney Lake, Windsor

Event Date

26th - 28th of May, 2023

The National Schools’ Regatta (NSR) approached Giggabox to provide event coverage for the 2023 National School’s Regatta event, which took place over the last May bank holiday at Dorney Lake. The client’s key objective was to showcase the regatta at its best while meeting the needs of various stakeholders and remote viewers. The initial brief was to deliver comprehensive event coverage that effectively captured the essence of the regatta. The coverage needed to showcase the event in its entirety, highlighting the excitement, skill, and competitive spirit of the participants.

The primary objectives were as follows:

  1. Showcase the talent of junior rowers from the UK and Ireland to a wider audience.
  2. Offer an immersive and engaging live-streaming experience for virtual attendees.
  3. Demonstrate the power and potential of live streams in enhancing sporting events.
  4. Generate insightful statistics to measure the success of the live-streaming initiative.

Giggabox was tasked with providing Umpire/Time Team Support by generating coverage that assisted the event’s umpires and time teams in their roles by offering real-time footage and relevant information to support their live coverage. The coverage needed to enhance the experience of sponsors by prominently featuring their branding and promotional content, thereby maximizing their exposure and value. It was also important that the coverage catered to the parents, coaches, and schools who could not attend the event, ensuring they could still access and enjoy the regatta remotely.

NSR event 2023

Making An Impact

The enduring appeal and impact of live streaming were solidified by the staggering total watch time of over 40,975 hours during the National Schools’ Regatta (NSR). This impressive figure, equivalent to 1,707 days, highlights the significance of the virtual experience as an integral part of engaging with sporting events. At peak, 1.2k people were streaming at once. 

Each day of the NSR event garnered substantial viewership, demonstrating the tremendous engagement and interest generated by the live stream. This unequivocally confirms that live streams serve as a powerful tool in amplifying the impact of sporting events, attracting a wide audience and creating an immersive viewing experience.

Since its establishment in 1947, the National Schools’ Regatta has played a vital role in nurturing the talents of junior rowers and serving as a stepping stone for future champions. Year after year, the NSR’s dedicated team of volunteers showcases their unwavering commitment to providing an electrifying regatta experience. Their vision extends beyond the event itself, with a focus on inclusivity and fostering a love for rowing. Furthermore, the NSR directs raised funds towards supporting junior rowing projects, exemplifying their dedication to the sport’s growth and development.

A Phenomenal Live Experience

The National Schools’ Regatta 2023 marked an extraordinary celebration of the remarkable talent, unwavering passion, and exceptional teamwork displayed by junior rowers. This prestigious event became even more impactful as the National School’s Regatta collaborated with Giggabox to extend its reach through the successful implementation of live streaming. The astounding statistics, encompassing tens of thousands of views, unique viewers, and a total watch time equivalent to years, serve as undeniable evidence of the transformative power of live streams in enhancing the visibility and exhilaration of sporting events.

The National Schools’ Regatta holds a special place as an event that nurtures the next generation of rowing stars, thanks to the unwavering commitment of dedicated volunteers and organisers. Their dedication ensures the delivery of an outstanding experience that continues to captivate participants and spectators alike. As we reflect on the tremendous success of the National Schools’ Regatta 2023 and the profound impact of live streaming, we eagerly anticipate future editions where the thunderous “Dorney Roar” will inspire and captivate audiences both in person and virtually.

Pioneering the Future of Live Streaming

The collaboration between Giggabox and the National School’s Regatta 2023 ushered in a new era of live streaming, revolutionising the way the excitement and essence of rowing reach a global audience. The remarkable surge in views, impressions, and unique viewership stands as a testament to the far-reaching impact and captivating engagement achieved through this groundbreaking approach.

Giggabox’s forward-thinking approach and commitment to innovation have not only elevated the National School’s Regatta to new heights but have also set a precedent for the future of live streaming. With their groundbreaking technologies and unrivalled expertise, Giggabox continues to lead the way, shaping the landscape of live event experiences and propelling the industry forward into an exciting future.

IMG_3041 video streaming at sports event NSR

Redefining Event Broadcasting

The National School’s Regatta 2023 live stream, in collaboration with Giggabox, achieved remarkable success, showcasing the immense potential of live streaming in the events industry. This partnership exemplified the power of technology to create immersive, inclusive, and captivating event experiences for both on-site participants and a vast virtual audience.

Let’s delve into the analytics that highlights the impact of the National School’s Regatta 2023:

  • Total Stream Time: The live stream spanned an impressive total of 34 hours, providing continuous coverage of the riveting regatta action.
  • Views: The live stream garnered an astounding 44,694 views, attracting a significant audience eager to witness the thrilling rowing competitions.
  • Impressions: The live stream generated an impressive 55,357 impressions, indicating the widespread visibility and exposure achieved throughout the event.
  • Unique Viewers: A total of 3,318 unique viewers tuned in to the live stream, indicating a strong and engaged audience that actively sought out the National School’s Regatta experience.
  • Unique Impressions: The live stream achieved 3,769 unique impressions, illustrating the breadth of impact and reach in capturing the attention of diverse viewers.
  • Total Watch Time: The cumulative watch time for the live stream amassed an astonishing 40,975 hours, 16 minutes, and 44 seconds, highlighting the tremendous engagement and dedication of the virtual audience.

The success of the National School’s Regatta 2023 live stream is further reinforced by the captivating recap videos, which encapsulate the electrifying moments of the event. These videos can be viewed at the following link: https://nationalschoolsregatta.giggabox.com/

The groundbreaking collaboration between the National School’s Regatta and Giggabox not only redefined event broadcasting but also set a benchmark for future immersive experiences. By harnessing the potential of live streaming, this partnership demonstrated the ability to engage a diverse audience, expand event reach, and create lasting memories for participants and viewers alike.

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