Hybrid Event Production

Physical events with a virtual element have grown in popularity, and now in-person events are firmly back in the client’s annual events calendar. A new requirement has emerged. Hybrid events blend the best that virtual and in-person solutions can offer to provide additional benefits for attendees and contributors.

Hybrid event production allows organisers to reach audiences worldwide and accommodate contributors who cannot travel or attend in person. Speakers can be in remote locations as well as in-person, and the venue’s maximum capacity no longer dictates the number of attendees. This offers a level of flexibility that other event solutions cannot match.

Flexible Hybrid Event Solutions

Giggabox is an innovative forward-thinking business that uses technologically advanced solutions to assist clients in hosting hybrid event production. We create hybrid events for all kinds of corporate businesses – both national and international. Our clients operate in a variety of markets, and the event requirements are wide. These often including company conferences, award ceremonies, product launches, and large internal seminars.

Our experience in running blended events, our hybrid event platform, and our virtual event management make Giggabox stand out from its competitors.

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Experienced Hybrid Events Team

Giggabox’s experienced hybrid events team ensures that the event experience is equal for both live and virtual attendees. Our ‘Pivot Guarantee’ ensures the event will take place without a hitch or hurdles.

Giggabox works with clients to deliver the entire project plan, providing various milestones, periodic snapshots of the project, end dates of tasks and key milestones. Giggabox staff agree to all task assignments.

We use advanced hybrid event technology (CONNECT) to create impactful experiences for both virtual and in-person attendees. Our team of experts are there to support the client’s every requirement, giving them peace of mind knowing that their event is in safe hands.

Hybrid Events Anywhere and Everywhere

Based in Buckinghamshire, just outside London, Giggabox works with clients based around the world, producing events for the global stage. Our hybrid events are fully inclusive and cater to international viewers, using a hybrid webinar solution that translates event content into any language.

Hybrid event technology allows events to be streamed to anyone, anywhere, creating a seamless event for remote attendees, allowing them to view online from remote locations. Giggabox customises events according to their theme and tone, creating an online experience that perfectly reflects the client’s brand and its values.

On-demand content for hybrid events

Investing in hybrid events and creating a hybrid experience means that the content can easily be repurposed. This can prove to be incredibly useful for future marketing purposes as it can be used to generate awareness of the next event. Developed with remote audiences in mind, Giggabox’s hybrid services allow speakers to create pre-recorded on-demand content that can be played during the event and fit seamlessly into the event’s programme.

We can create a seamless flow to the event, stream live footage to remote audiences, and upload the event content to the client’s website for anyone who has missed it.

Why Hybrid Events Live On

Seamless Transition from Virtual to Hybrid and Back Again

Giggabox is the only event management company that offers the ‘Pivot Guarantee.’ Our unique ‘pivot’ technology can transition an event from virtual to in-person or from in-person to hybrid or virtual seamlessly, and at short notice.

We understand that life is unpredictable, and events can be affected by unforeseen circumstances, but with Giggabox Pivot, you can be assured that your event will go ahead as planned. Our technology enables a smooth and effortless transition between different event formats, allowing you to adapt to any situation that may arise.

Whether you need to move from virtual to hybrid or switch from in-person to virtual, we’ve got you covered. Trust Giggabox to deliver a successful and stress-free event, no matter what challenges come your way.

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Hybrid Events Anywhere and Everywhere

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