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25-26th April 2023

The KIA Oval, a renowned London-based cricket ground turned event venue, boasts 20 purpose-built conference and meeting spaces. To enhance event experiences, they have partnered with Giggabox to deliver exceptional Venue AV Services.

Within their partnership with Giggabox, we’re able to provide unparalleled Virtual, Hybrid, and Live Event Production Services, as well as Live Streaming services. This collaboration aims to elevate event services at The KIA Oval, delivering an enhanced guest experience and bringing extraordinary Venue AV Services direct to point-of-sale for The KIA Oval’s clients.

The Kia Oval
London-based cricket ground turned event venue

Elevating Event Services

The Oval made it clear to us from the start that enhancing the event experience for their clients is of paramount importance. In every interaction with clients at The Oval, Giggabox assigns one of our dedicated event coordinators to ensure seamless organisation and execution.

Cutting-edge Venue AV solutions are provided by Giggabox for a diverse range of events, from conferences to exhibitions and beyond. Each inquiry receives paramount attention, with our experienced Sales Executives overseeing events from initial inquiry to delivery. With various event spaces available, our knowledgeable team can customise options to accommodate events spanning multiple rooms if necessary.

The KIA Oval Partnership Packages – Venue AV Services

Live Event Production • Live Streaming • Hybrid Event Solutions • Virtual and Live Breakout Space Facilitation • Exhibition Presentation • Party Services • Personalised Event Backdrops and Set • State-of-the-Art LED Walls • Bespoke Solutions

Giggabox’s role encompasses not only standard Venue AV solution services but also the introduction of innovative elements such as live streaming, hybrid/virtual events, and impressive visual experiences. Leveraging The KIA Oval’s status as a premier venue with global recognition, Giggabox diversifies its product portfolio and creates a hub for AV brilliance in London.

Close Coordination and Seamless Execution

Giggabox handles all logistics, including equipment sourcing and management, technical crew and staffing, backup plans, contingencies, and post-event wrap-up to ensure the very best delivery for your client’s events.

Our service portfolio spans a comprehensive range of AV solutions, from Live Event Production to Hybrid Event Production and Press Conference AV, allowing us to tailor offerings to the specific needs of each event hosted at The KIA Oval whether they’re in the Sports sector, Corporate sector, or looking to dazzle with an Awards show.

Whilst Giggabox offers an extensive range of services, we also collaborate closely with our partners across London to source the latest high-quality AV equipment, ensuring seamless execution of AV setups for events.

Hands-on Sales Teams

Giggabox’s project management approach involves close coordination with The KIA Oval’s sales team, ensuring the right space, package, and bespoke add-ons are included. Prospective clients receive guidance from Giggabox’s knowledgeable team to determine their AV needs, enabling us to recommend our all-encompassing AV packages or a tailor-made solution for clients who need to go the extra mile.

We’re always looking at ways of improving our conference and events business here at The Kia Oval and believe this partnership with Giggabox will propel our Venue Audio-Visual (AV) solutions service and production quality to the next level. We’re excited to start working alongside them from September.
Venue Director

Undeniable Event Solutions

Over our time at The Oval, we’ve been able to introduce many additional event services, enhancing the overall event offerings at The KIA Oval and diversifying their revenue streams. Effective communication is maintained through our dedicated in-house team at The Oval and regular communication. Advanced technologies and equipment, such as lighting rigs, LED walls, and service decks, are employed by Giggabox to deliver exceptional AV experiences.

The objectives of The KIA Oval are undeniably met by Giggabox’s AV solutions, ensuring elevated event experiences, and delivering significant value to their clients. The KIA Oval’s numerous client testimonials underscore the satisfaction of event organisers and attendees, affirming the success of Giggabox’s AV services. Our exceptional AV quality and immersive experiences have been proven to add immeasurable value.

Solving Problems

Giggabox’s AV partnership service is paving the way for venues to confidently provide a large range of AV solutions without stress and self-sacrificial costs. The partnership between Giggabox and The KIA Oval exemplifies Giggabox’s expertise in delivering top-tier AV solutions for a diverse portfolio of events.

By surpassing client expectations, introducing innovative technologies, and delivering exceptional experiences, Giggabox solidifies its reputation as a premier AV partner, setting higher standards for event excellence in the conference and sporting venue sector.


Establishing Best-in-Class Status

The outlook is promising, establishing this partnership as best-in-class for providing diverse and bespoke event production. The successful execution of a wide array of events, coupled with positive feedback, positions Giggabox as an incomparable service provider.

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