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Commitment to event excellence

Staff Engagement Events, if delivered by a professional and knowledgeable partner, can be a valuable tool in building an effective team and fostering communication.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), a global frontrunner in professional services, recognises the importance of these occasions in shaping company morale. PwC partners with Giggabox, a prominent name in live event production, on a repeat basis to achieve these objectives. 

This case study sheds light on how Giggabox’s meticulous understanding, tailored services, and continued partnership have transformed PwC’s events into perfect and impactful technical experiences.


Working with global brands is our everyday

PwC stands as a beacon of excellence across 155 countries, offering a diverse range of professional services, including audit and assurance, consulting, and tax advisory services. With their forward-thinking approach, they continuously strive to foster team collaboration and to communicate their vision effectively. 

Giggabox excels at comprehending client requirements especially when these are multi-level. Navigating moving parts is our specialty. PwC’s All Hands Away Days are designed to strengthen team bonds, promote internal engagement, and convey their visionary messages clearly. 

Giggabox, to achieve these objectives, delivers AV solutions that harmonise with the company’s brand vision. For nearly a year Giggabox have executed every one of PwC’s events at The KIA Oval to an exceptional standard. By offering synchronised lighting and sound setups, we provide skilful technical production with uninterrupted event flow.

Our commitment is evident through our long-term partnerships

  • Continued Understanding Recognising that repeat client projects do not equate to repetitive solutions, Giggabox has engaged in thorough consultations to grasp the nuances of each event’s purpose and vision. This holistic understanding has formed the foundation for each event’s tailored AV solutions.
  • Custom AV Experience With a focus on excellence, Giggabox orchestrated custom branded sets, bespoke staging, synchronised lighting and sound setups, and innovative dual-screen rear projection. Expertly crafted solutions came together with our in-house AV technicians to produce picture-perfect development workshops.
  • Enduring Relationship Giggabox’s dedication has extended way beyond individual events as we foster a continued relationship with PwC. In this, we leverage our understanding of their preferences, requirements, and objectives to ensure a flawless transition between projects.
  • Value Through Partnership Giggabox’s commitment to technical excellence and swift issue resolution is instrumental in maintaining event flow. For example, the availability of replacement kits demonstrates our resilience to unforeseen circumstances and unwavering dedication to client success.

The benefits of a strategic collaboration

  1. Continuous Success: Through Giggabox’s seamless AV solutions, PwC’s All Hands events consistently achieve their goals of team bonding and effective vision communication.
  2. Sustained Client Satisfaction: Sustained praise from both PwC and event attendees confirms Giggabox’s ability to consistently deliver synchronised AV experiences and impeccable event execution.
  3. Long-term Value: The enduring partnership between Giggabox and PwC not only delivers streamlined event execution services but also ensures a deep-seated understanding of their needs, leading to enhanced results with each subsequent event.

Ongoing Partnerships Unlock Enduring Value

Giggabox’s collaboration with PwC exemplifies our commitment to ongoing excellence. Through meticulous understanding, customised solutions, and a lasting partnership, Giggabox continues to elevate PwC’s All Hands events. By irreproachably addressing technical aspects and aligning with our client’s vision, Giggabox showcases how continued relationships create enduring value. 

For clients seeking continuous, exceptional event experiences, Giggabox is the ideal partner—setting the stage for faultless success long after the event.

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