Loss and Damage Conference 2022 - Scottish Government

Gigga-Guide: Top 7 Challenges Faced in Hosting Public Sector Events (and how to solve them)

The public sector is unquestionably a cornerstone of our society. The facilitation of communication, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among government agencies, stakeholders, and citizens is what keeps modern civilisation turning. Moreover, conferences, seminars, and staff training days are essential components of these efforts, and the integration of Audiovisual (AV) technology is becoming increasingly pivotal in delivering successful events.

Harri in the Giggabox race car

Giggabox Welcomes a Rising Star: Harri Musselle Takes the Wheel!

Following in Paul’s Footsteps: Harri Takes the Wheel Giggabox is thrilled to introduce an exciting addition to our racing family: Paul Musselle’s 16-year-old Harri is set to embark on a remarkable journey as he takes the wheel of the #28 Legends car for the upcoming Snetterton and Brands Hatch rounds of the championship. Harri Musselle,

Dramatic stage lighting

Gigga-Guide: The Future of Event AV

In the fast-paced world of events, staying ahead of the curve is crucial to deliver captivating experiences that leave attendees in awe.

In this Gigga-Guide, we’ll dive into the future of event AV and explore how projection mapping, artificial intelligence (AI), holograms, and virtual reality (VR) will reshape the landscape in years to come.

Racing Resilience: the Legends Elite Cup final at Knockhill

From Croft to Knockhill: Paul’s Triumph with Gerard McCosh Trophy Welcome to an exhilarating weekend of racing action at the renowned Knockhill circuit, where the Legends Championship converged with the BTCC for a truly unforgettable showdown. The 12th and 13th of August, 2023, marked a thrilling chapter in motorsport history, as our very own Paul

Room of people networking

The Importance of Networking in Events

These Top 6 Tips to Humanise Your Hybrid Event, you can create a memorable experience that resonates with online and offline attendees.

We will explore how to help you humanise your hybrid event and ensure a meaningful and memorable experience for both online and offline audiences.

Paul Musselle bags trophy at Croft Circuit: Live on ITV4 with the Legends Elite Cup.

Revving Engines, Thrills, and Spins – Legends Elite Cup Roars at Croft Circuit! The Legends European Championship descended upon the Croft Circuit in Lincolnshire, and delivered a motorsport extravaganza unlike any other!! Joined by the British Touring Car Championship, Formula 4, the Mini Challenge, and the Porsche Sprint Challenge GB, this high-octane weekend sent over

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