What Is An Event Organiser? – Made Simple

The events industry employs around 1,000,000 workers in the live events sector. Supporting around 2.5 million jobs in total. With roles as event managers, videographers, and audio technicians being filled. At the forefront of events are event organisers. But what is an event organiser? Today we’ll answer this. Let’s get started… What Is An Event Organiser?

How To Get Into Event Management – Easy Guide

It’s a very exciting time to be in the field of event management right now. With the amount of event types available, whether that’s in-person, virtual, or hybrid events, you’re given an array of exciting opportunities to showcase your skill. Today we’ll answer the question of ‘how to get into events management?’ Let’s go… What

Conference vs Meeting – What’s The Difference?

Conference vs Meeting- a debate that’s been running for as long as time began. Well, maybe not that long, but it’s one that stumps so many due to their similarities. Today, we’ll be outlining exactly what they are, and what makes them different. Let’s get straight into it… What is a Conference? A conference is

What is COP27? – Made Simple

COP27 is approaching fast! On 6th November 2022, countries around the globe will be converging in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. But what for? Today, we’ll give you the rundown of COP27. Answering questions like ‘what is COP27?’ and ‘what does COP27 stand for?’. Let’s get started! What Does COP27 Stand For? COP stands for Conference

Kia Oval & Giggabox Partnership

Commencing September 1st, 2022, Giggabox will be the exclusive provider of audio-visual equipment to clients of the Kia Oval. The new 3 ½ year agreement, starting in September 2022 will see Giggabox provide all audio-visual and event packages to meetings, conferences, and events on behalf of the venue. Alex Lewis, Venue Director at The Kia

Working From Home – How Has It Effected Event Planning?

Attitudes towards working from home have shifted dramatically in recent years. With 75% of London’s workers saying they don’t believe they will ever return to the office full-time, and indications that these numbers are replicated across the country, there’s a clear need to find efficient, entertaining and engaging ways to communicate important messages that would,

World Cup vs Olympics: Which Event Is Bigger?

World Cup vs Olympics Increase in Viewership The most recent Olympic Games in Tokyo (only!) drew in an audience of 3.05 billion according to the International Olympic Committee. This is the lowest figure ever recorded for the Olympic Games. To put it into perspective, the Beijing Olympics drew in 4.7 billion viewers. One might argue

What To Consider When Organising An Event – The Ultimate Guide

What To Consider When Organising An Event – The Ultimate Guide May 06, 2022 – Rory Forder An event is a big occasion for most people. We dedicate time to and anticipate attending. With events being such an important occasion for many, it is important to know what to consider when organising an event. Today

Why Is Time Management Important For An Event Organiser?

An event organiser is an individual or team which deals with the entire production process of events. Whether that’s a live event, virtual event, hybrid event, or sports event. An event organiser will cover every single aspect of the event management process. So for an in-person event, everything from the venue, camera operators, audio technicians

How To Organise A Networking Event In 2022

How To Organise a Networking Event in 2022 April 25, 2022 – Rory Forder The event management industry took a HUGE hit in 2020. Networking events were being cancelled left right and centre. If your event management company wasn’t ready to adapt to the changing landscape caused by covid, you could kiss it goodbye. However,

How To Market A Sports Event In 2022

How To Market A Sports Event In 2022 April 12, 2022 – Rory Forder Good marketing is key to all successful sports events. This is because you want as many eyes as possible watching. With the range of options able for viewing sports content, good marketing has never been more important! Today, you’ll find out

What is a Corporate Event? – Made Simple

To answer the question of: what is a corporate event? We should first cover what an event itself actually is. An event is a public or online social occasion. It can come in many forms. Whether that’s a live event, virtual event, hybrid event, or sports event. A corporate event will typically fall into the

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