Event Type

Conference Events, Sustainability Events

Event Location

Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

Event Date

6 Nov-18 Nov, 2022

On 6th November 2022, international attendees converged in Sharm El Sheikh, as part of the COP27 Conference. Representatives from various countries around the world gathered to discuss global efforts to address climate change, negotiate and implement agreements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

The future of hybrid event production and live streaming

The Global Resilience Partnership enlisted the expertise of Giggabox, an experienced event service and production company, to manage the Resilience Hub events at COP27.

The Resilience Hub was developed to connect and inspire people across the business, civil, academia, and governments to collaborate and scale up action that builds resilience to the impact of climate change. To make communities around the world safer and healthier. Inclusivity was a crucial element of the Resilience Hub, ensuring that all attendees, regardless of the language or location, were provided with an equal viewing experience.

A tailored viewing experience for attendees

COP 27 was a collection of conferences across a 13-day period, which allowed for many meetings and debates take place. To achieve this, Giggabox deployed their most resilient livestreaming and virtual event technology, which optimised each area of the event’s production for a smooth and engaging viewing experience. COP27 involved multiple organisations and agreements, all of which are intertwined with their role in the conference. The structure and type of conferences held at COP27 are also key factors that showcase how topics are discussed and debated. These record each country’s effort to limit, reduce, and adapt to the impact of climate change. The key aim is to understand the progress towards the UNFCCC goal – limiting climate change.

Multilingual support and tailored translation for attendees worldwide

Months of meticulous planning and testing went into gathering the necessary equipment, plan, and strategy, to deliver COP27 to an impeccable standard. Giggabox enabled interaction between in-person and remote delegates, ensuring that all attendees had an equal opportunity to participate in the conference. This inclusivity was achieved using hybrid event solutions. Giggabox’s digital team created bespoke graphics, lower thirds, transitions, and a holding slide to enhance the viewing experience, in addition to the live streaming, professional filming, A/V production, and other event management services.

With a global audience of this kind, Giggabox used technology provided by Interprefy to stream professional language interpretation and AI-powered live captions into these multilingual meetings, conferences, and events to provide tailored translation for attendees.

Inclusivity through hybrid event solutions – enabling interaction

Sustainable events are currently trending in the industry, with a focus on reducing carbon footprints and adopting eco-friendly practices. The outcome of COP27 for the Global Resilience Partnership is increased awareness and engagement in their mission to build resilience in vulnerable communities around the world, while also setting an example of sustainable event management practices. For Giggabox, the successful production of COP27 will likely lead to future collaborations
with clients seeking inclusive and sustainable event solutions. Giggabox enabled interaction between in-person and remote delegates, ensuring that all attendees had an equal opportunity to participate in the conference. This inclusivity was achieved using hybrid event solutions.

COP27 location - Egypt

Experienced event production agency delivers high-quality hybrid event

The success of Giggabox’s production of COP27 was evident from the incredible feedback received from the client, virtual, and in-person attendees. Giggabox showcased the true potential of hybrid events, by achieving the client’s goal of inclusivity in the most effective way possible.

Giggabox is an experienced event production agency that delivers high-quality hybrid events with a focus on inclusivity and sustainability. Giggabox is dedicated to creating innovative solutions for clients seeking engaging and sustainable event experiences. Overall, the transition towards a more digital-friendly COP has continued with COP27, and Giggabox is at the forefront of this technological shift, delivering an engaging and inclusive virtual experience for attendees around the world.

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