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11th & 12th October - 2022

In October 2022, the Scottish Government approached Giggabox, to produce their Loss and Damage Conference. The client requested a hybrid event solution that would accommodate both in-person and remote attendees and provide a seamless experience for all participants.

The conference brought together some of the most influential voices in environmental impact across the world to talk about how climate change caused Loss and Damage to the environment. The event was also instrumental in creating the policy that Scotland presented at COP27.

Mobilising Finance and Addressing Loss and Damage: Giggabox and the Scottish Government’s Collaborative Efforts

Due to the sheer scope of this event and the reach required – Giggabox’s talented team was distributed between the event venue in Edinburgh and our production studio in Buckingham to ensure that every aspect of the conference was delivered to the highest quality.

The team worked closely with the Scottish Government to create a virtual platform that would enable remote attendees to experience the event as closely as possible to the in-person attendees.

Scottish Government Hybrid conference behind the scenes with Giggabox

Creating a Robust and Inclusive Solution: Giggabox’s Approach to the Loss and Damage Conference

With the scale of the event and the inclusion of high-profile speakers such as Scottish First Minister, at the time, Nicola Sturgeon, Giggabox provided the Scottish Government with a robust and inclusive solution for their Loss and Damage Conference. Giggabox recommended a hybrid event as the optimal platform to deliver the conference, allowing them to harness both in-person and virtual technology to create an event that covers all bases.

One of the major technical challenges faced by our technical team while producing the conference was managing multiple breakout rooms, each with a mix of virtual and hybrid speakers. To overcome this challenge, we brought virtual speakers and moderators onto screens in each of the breakout rooms, allowing them to communicate two ways with the delegates in those rooms. Additionally, we created individual virtual breakout rooms, where all virtual participants could communicate with each other.

I wanted to send a huge thanks from SG colleagues for your overall wizardry, dedication, can-do spirit and good humour during the conference and its build up. I am profoundly grateful for all of your help and can confidently say that the conference was as successful as it was because of Giggabox
The Scottish Government

Achieving Synchronicity and Quality: Giggabox’s Seamless Execution of the Event

Giggabox’s team of event managers, platform architects, and AV technicians were fully equipped to deliver an event that wowed and engaged the attendees. They worked closely with the Scottish Government representatives to understand their vision and provide their experience and expertise to enhance and bring the event to life for virtual attendees.

To make the breakout sessions more interactive, Giggabox sectioned off the virtual rooms, enabling attendees to listen to a virtual speaker on the platform and then break into smaller groups to discuss the topic further. Although it was challenging to achieve the same level of participation virtually as in-person, our incredible team was able to make it work.

In addition to managing the technical aspects of the conference, Giggabox also handled all elements of registration, badge printing and posters, and even created the conference logo. Despite the complexity of the project, Giggabox successfully managed to execute it in style through innovative technical solutions, resulting in a hugely successful conference.

Loss and Damage conference_Hybrid event

Showcasing Hybrid Event Production: The Innovative Solutions Used in the Loss and Damage Conference

To ensure complete synchronicity between all teams, our team in Edinburgh maintained constant communication with the team in the Giggabox production studio. They completed numerous tests, ensuring that all of the event technology was fully operational and monitored throughout.

Advancing Climate Action: The Impact of the Scottish Government Loss and Damage Conference

Ultimately, Giggabox delivered a ground-breaking and tailored event for the Scottish Government Loss and Damage Conference, featuring high-profile speakers and advanced event technology. With our experience in delivering hybrid events, our team was able to cater to the client’s requirements in the most professional way possible. The conference showcased how events can be produced by harmonising both in-person and virtual event technology to create something inclusive and breathtaking.

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