Event Type

Conference Events

Event Location

London (The Oval), England

Event Date

June 9 – June 11

The conference took place in June 2022 and combined both in-person and virtual elements to provide an inclusive experience for a diverse audience.

The live venue chosen for the event was The Kia Oval in London, where attendees could participate in a myriad of discussions, breakouts, and panels in person, as well as interact with virtual attendees through Giggabox’s Hybrid Events Platform. This way questions coming through from virtual attendees were received in real-time through solely-virtual panels and talks.

Alzheimer’s Disease International Hybrid Event Requirements:

The 35th Global Conference of Alzheimer’s Disease International, marked a significant milestone as it was the first in-person conference since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the return to in-person sessions, this conference also embraced a hybrid format, which allowed distant participants to join virtually.

With over 1,200 delegates from more than 120 countries, the conference brought together a diverse range of attendees, including individuals living with dementia, informal and formal caregivers, Alzheimer’s and dementia association staff and volunteers, researchers, healthcare professionals, and more. This inclusive approach reflected ADI’s commitment to involving stakeholders from various backgrounds to enhance knowledge sharing and collaboration.

ADI’s Requirements

ADI approached Giggabox to host the Conference as a hybrid event, seeking to showcase an exceptional experience for their attendees. As this was the first time the conference was held in a hybrid format, we went the extra mile to ensure the seamless integration of both physical and virtual aspects which ultimately delivered this flawless event.

• Three days of comprehensive hybrid event production for the ADI conference.
• Event management for simultaneous conferences held at three different venues within The Oval.
• Development of a customised virtual events platform to provide a rich experience for remote viewers.
• Creation of personalised ADI graphics, holding slides, and lower thirds to enhance branding.
• Complete event sound production for each individual conference.
• Facilitation of interactions between in-person delegates and delegates in remote locations.
• Q&A segments to foster engagement between audience members and conference participants.
• High-quality 4k event capturing to ensure the best viewing experience for attendees.
• Presence of V-mix operators throughout all venues to manage the technical aspects.

Under the theme ‘New Horizons in Dementia: Building on Hope’, the conference aimed to build upon the momentum of new knowledge, research, and ideas in the field. The ultimate goal was to improve the lives of people living with dementia and their families. Esteemed representatives from international organisations and institutions such as the World Health Organisation (WHO), Karolinska Institutet, Dementia Alliance International (DAI), Peking University, and Boston University, among others, were present, showcasing the global impact of ADI’s work.

ADI Conference Event Production

From the initial conceptual discussions with ADI to the meticulous planning and execution of the event, we dedicated ourselves to delivering an exceptional ADI Conference. Our focus was on every detail, ensuring the highest level of quality in every aspect of the event.

In-Person Event Production:

The venue chosen for the event was The Kia Oval, which offered three large indoor conference rooms capable of accommodating at least 50 people each. To ensure the capture and streaming of the conferences in the highest possible quality, we equipped each conference room with a team of professionals, including V-mix operators, cameramen, audio technicians, and event runners. Throughout the three days, our talented team successfully managed the production, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for all attendees.

Virtual Event Production

To make the ADI Conference inclusive and accessible to a global audience, we designed and created a virtual event platform that replicated the experience of attending the event in person. Our platform was user-friendly, visually appealing, and aligned with ADI’s branding. In addition to the virtual event platform, we incorporated various hybrid elements, including discussions between in-person and virtual delegates, full event recordings for post-event viewing, and virtual presentations.

The conference embraced the cultural richness of its in-person location in London. Set designs and the virtual platform paid tribute to various aspects of the United Kingdom’s culture. At the same time, the conference program was carefully curated to ensure globally diverse content, reflecting the international nature of ADI’s mission. To add a touch of entertainment to the event, ADI members from the Asia Pacific region performed a captivating dance during the opening ceremony, adding a vibrant and dynamic element to the proceedings. By seamlessly blending in-person and virtual aspects, the ADI Conference offered a unique and engaging experience for all attendees, regardless of their physical location.

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