Green Screen Studio Hire

A green screen studio provides you with endless options when it comes to creating high-quality content.

Whether that’s through creating 3D Virtual Environments, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and bespoke content.

We provide an Experienced Crew, Camera Production Equipment, High-Quality Lighting, Specialist Filming Equipment: Mixing and Mics with our green screen.

However, our studio is available for hire without any of our external production, should you have your own means of production.

Through our network of carefully selected partners, we have facilities in all major cities around the world.

London Manchester Birmingham Madrid New York Amsterdam Dubai Mumbai Boston San Francisco
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Green Screen Hire Services

With over 2 years of experience creating high-quality content using our studio, we are familiar with creating content of all types.

Whether you’re looking to create:

  • Live Streams
  • Music Videos
  • Animations
  • Adverts
  • Product Launch Events
  • News Shows
  • Sports Shows

Our studio is the perfect platform.

Our Global Green Screen Facilities

As an experienced content production agency, we provide specialist content creation from our own talented digital team.

Used in combination with our studio, we create exciting content which can exceed that of physically created content.

Find out more about our content production services here.

Virtual Production

A Film Studio Green Screen provides you with a streamlined and seamless method for creating all types of content.

Our Studio allows you to create large, expensive sets in virtual form. This has multiple benefits. Whether that’s on an aesthetic, sustainable, or cost-effective level.

Through our Green Screen Production, we create incredible virtual environments for presenters, actors, and guests to interact in.

This allows you to fully immerse your audience in your content and its purpose.


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