On an unusually bright October weekend, Snetterton Circuit played host to a remarkable racing weekend, and at the heart of it was a 16-year-old newcomer, Harri Musselle. This marked the start of Harri’s journey into the world of racing.

Paul Musselle, CEO of Giggabox and father of Harri, has handed over the reins of the #28 car for the Snetterton and Brands Hatch rounds of the season. The torch was passed, setting the stage for Harri’s debut.

Harri’s progression through the weekend was nothing short of inspiring. Starting with a lap time of 2:32 in Saturday’s race 1, he dedicated himself to learning the track and acquainting himself with the car. It was a steep learning curve, but Harri showed resilience and determination, continually improving his lap time in each race. By the end of the weekend, he had achieved an impressive lap time of 2:19. This almost 13 second improvement far surpassed Harri’s goal of a 2:21 lap time by the end of the weekend. 

One particular race stood out, the weekend finale, where Harri engaged in a captivating battle with Lenny Woodcock #321. For four intense laps, Harri showcased his skills, leading to a breathtaking overtake on the final corner of the last lap—a testament to his growing confidence and ability.

What truly distinguished Harri’s debut was his consistency and perseverance. He started and finished all 6 races, a rarity in Legends racing. In a sport where experience often speaks volumes, Harri’s progress was astounding. Prior to this weekend, he had never raced before, a fact that made his achievements even more commendable. Harri’s testing with the Mickel Motorsport team at Brands Hatch on 15th September was a valuable stepping stone in his journey.

The Giggabox team couldn’t have been prouder of Harri’s performance. This weekend wasn’t just about accomplishment; it was about a young driver finding his footing, gaining experience, and leaving a mark on the racing world. Harri Musselle’s journey has only just begun, and there’s a sense of excitement and anticipation as we watch this young talent grow into a prominent figure in the racing community.

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