In the world of motorsport, it’s not just the drivers who make the weekends memorable; it’s also about the unforgettable experiences that racetracks have to offer. This past weekend at Brands Hatch was a prime example of such an occasion, as a thrilling combination of truck racing, fireworks, and Legends racing lit up the circuit, making it a delight for both the spectators and the team.

After a sensational weekend at Snetterton circuit in October, Harri stepped into the driver’s seat of a 1934 Ford Coupe in the Legends Championship at Brands Hatch, facing the trials and tribulations of one of the UK’s most challenging circuits on a rather wet and windy weekend.

The Legends Championship, known for its short-form racing and frequent overtaking opportunities, has provided the perfect setting for Harri to learn the ropes of competitive racing. 

Storm Cierán had no intentions of making things easy for the young driver, as rain drenched the circuit throughout Saturday morning and strong winds persisted into Sunday. The sodden track became a treacherous playground for the lightweight Legends cars, leading to a fair share of spins and excitement.

The season has been a blast. It’s been a great new opportunity to learn so many new skills through driving the Giggabox car and working with Mickel Motorsport team.”

– Harri Musselle

Over the weekend, the races at Brands Hatch presented a rollercoaster of challenges and triumphs for young Harri Musselle. Saturday’s persistent rain led to slips and spins, yet he managed to finish all three races, showcasing resilience that impressed the entire team. On Sunday, the wet track and high winds continued to pose difficulties, resulting in a few spins that he recovered from sensationally. Unfortunately, in the second race, Harri slid into the gravel on the exit of Paddock Hill, ending the race with a crash. 

The weekend was a marker in Harri’s journey as a driver, giving him the opportunity to learn the nuances of racing in the unpredictable British weather. For the Giggabox and Mickel Motorsport team, it was an exciting moment to see their young driver taking the wheel and taking the next step on his journey as a driver. Friends, family, and budding fans all gathered around to support him in his final 2023 racing weekend and are looking forward to a 2024 season filled with possibilities. 

A big thank you to anyone who’s supported me this season, and to the whole of the Mickel Motorsport and Giggabox team. None of what I’ve done already could’ve been done without their support.”

– Harri Musselle. 

The weekend was a reminder that motorsport is not just about who crosses the finish line first; it’s about the camaraderie, the passion, and the incredible experiences shared by all involved. As the season came to a close at Brands Hatch, it was a time to celebrate the year’s achievements and look forward to the future with renewed enthusiasm.

Finishing off with a bang, the track put on an incredible Fireworks Night display and truck parade. As day turned into night, the sky over Brands Hatch was painted with brilliant bursts of colour. The fireworks display was a dazzling extravaganza that left everyone in awe. A great way to finish off a sensational season. 

The combination of truck racing, fireworks, and Legends Championship racing made this weekend at Brands Hatch one for the books. It was a testament to the enduring appeal of motorsport and the sense of community that surrounds it. The memories created at this event will undoubtedly stay with spectators, the team, and young Harri Musselle as they look ahead to the next thrilling season of racing.

We’re going into next year looking to gain more experience and improve my skills, and hopefully put up a strong fight for the rookie title. I’m excited for what’s to come.”

– Harri Musselle

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