Our Sports Broadcasting Service

Our services allow us to produce your sports events in a way that capitalises on a today’s audience. Right now, sports events require huge amounts of onsite production equipment and onsite workers.

Large vehicles are also needed to transport and hold operating equipment. This is a hugely detrimental solution to sports broadcasting and CloudCAST simplifies this entire process.

How Does CloudCAST Work?

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How Are We Different From Other Broadcast Production Companies?

We at Giggabox are different to other broadcast production companies in multiple ways. We prioritise sustainability and environmental factors when producing sport. All without affecting quality or viewing experience.

Ultimately we…

  • Reduce the on-site personnel at sports events by up to 60%
  • Reduce levels of personnel working remotely by up to 50%
  • Hugely reduce the levels of production equipment
  • Reduce levels of vehicles needed to transport and hold production equipment
  • Save you money

Broadcast Production Services

As an experienced broadcast and media production company, we’ve worked on countless projects with our clients. (Some of our clients include Eurosport, William Hill, British Canoeing, and Sail GP)

We know exactly how to sculpt your event to be viewed in today’s audience climate.

Proven Sports Marketing

As a proven digital production agency, we know exactly how to market your sports event for 2022. Nowadays, audiences view content through countless channels. On countless screens.

For 2022, marketing in sports needs to capitalise on every possible viewing channel. Unlike other digital production agencies, CloudCAST tailors your sport content for multiple channels. While the sports event is taking place, the event can be viewed live on any device. Whether that’s a tv, laptop, phone, tablet, you name it!

Not only this, but the content from your event is also automatically trimmed into clips. These clips are optimised for viewing on social media and other digital sources by a new and returning audience.

We are proud of the relationships we build with our clients.

We’ve produced so many exciting sports events for companies around the world! We are proud to work with each of our sports clients. From industry leaders to private clients, we value each partnership equally.

We put our clients first and ensure their events are completed to the highest possible quality.

Audience Insights

We’ll show you how to own your own data and make the most of it. Crucial audience data such as, viewing locations, age, and gender is kept by sports broadcasters. Cloudcast gives you ALL figures when it comes to audience data. This allows you to truly understand your audience.

You can adjust your sports content to align it with your current audience. Or target an entirely new audience with your content.

Ultimately, Cloudcast allows you to broadcast your sport content in the most efficient way possible. It also allows you to collect sports marketing data so you can fully understand your viewing audience.

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