Event Type

Sports Events

Event Location

cinch Stadium at Franklin’s Gardens, Northampton

Event Date

August 27th 2022

The Brief

Our client: Northampton Saints were looking for an innovative and sustainable solution to produce their pre-season friendly match vs Bedford Blues

They wanted the amount of onsite production equipment and workers reduced, without negatively affecting the quality of the production.

Luckily, we provide a solution called ‘CloudCAST’. CloudCAST allows us to produce sports events remotely through our cloud-based server.

The Bedford Blues vs Northampton Saints rugby event showcased the multiple benefits of remote sports broadcasting production.

What Did We Do?

Throughout the production of this event, our team was based between the cinch stadium and our production studio in Buckingham.

At the stadium, was our camera operator and event manager. Our camera operator captured the event, and the feed was sent back to our production studio in Buckingham.

Our studio team monitored and edited the cloud-based server, streaming it to a remote viewing audience.

Featuring throughout the event were bespoke graphics created by our digital editing team. These graphics included transitions, holding slides, and logo animations.

We provided…

  • Professional filming of the Bedford Blues vs Northampton Saints rugby match
  • Remote live streaming of the event to a viewing audience
  • V-Mix operating from our production studio in Buckingham
  • Bespoke creation of graphics and transitions to display during the event
  • Minimal amounts of production crew onsite
  • No production vehicles present onsite

What Did We Achieve?

We achieved a one-of-a-kind event. Never has the production process for a sports event been streamlined to such a heavy extent.

This had a positive effect on both an environmental and practical level.

The amount of production vehicles, onsite crew and equipment were all drastically reduced. In doing so, the production for the event became much more sustainable on an environmental level.

This is because the amount of CO2 caused by vehicles and equipment had been significantly reduced.

Practically, due to the lower levels of onsite equipment, the production process was simplified. With only the bare necessities being carried out to capture the event.

Ultimately, this event showcased that high-quality production for massive sporting events doesn’t need to equal high amounts of production.

The same quality can clearly be achieved with drastically less equipment.

Giggabox produced a live digital feed of the pre-season match between Saints and Bedford Blues. We were extremely pleased with how it turned out, particularly how much the Cloudcast system simplified the entire production process, whilst maintaining impeccable quality. There was no need for large production vehicles or equipment on-site, but the coverage still received excellent feedback from our fans. If you’re looking for outstanding streaming or broadcast production for your event, and a great team to work with, then I’d highly recommend Giggabox and their Cloudcast production solution.
Tim Percival - Director of Marketing

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