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Hybrid Events

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London (The Oval), England

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June 9 – June 11

What Was Alzheimer’s Disease International Looking For?

Our client: Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) was looking to host a hybrid event for their ADI conference 2022.

The conference had never been held as a hybrid event so we wanted to show ADI the incredible experience we could bring to their conference.

With this being a hybrid event, the event was held at a live venue (The Oval) and attended in person by an audience. It was also streamed live to a virtual event platform to be viewed by a remote audience.

As always, our goal was to make sure every physical and virtual aspect was delivered to perfection.


Alzheimer’s Disease International Hybrid Event Requirements:

  • 3 days of complete hybrid event production for their ADI conference
  • Event management of simultaneous conferences held at 3 different venues in the Oval
  • Creation of a bespoke virtual events platform for remote viewers to experience the event
  • Creation of personalised ADI graphics, holding slides, and lower thirds
  • Complete event sound production of each individual conference
  • Interactions between in person delegates and delegates in remote locations
  • Q&A segments between audience members and delegates
  • Event capturing in 4k to be enjoyed by viewers in the highest possible quality
  • V-mix operators present throughout all venues

ADI Conference 2022 Event Production

For months, we’ve been producing the ADI conference 2022 . From initial conception discussions with ADI, designing of a visually appealing virtual event platform, to rigging of all technical equipment for use at the event.

We made it our complete focus to deliver each event aspect to the best it could be.

The ADI Conference 2022 was unique in the fact it was the first time it took place in hybrid form.

But what did this mean?

Combination of in person and virtual aspects were used to create an experience that could be enjoyed by in person and remote viewers.

In Person Event Production

The event took place at it’s venue in The Oval Cricket Ground. But why here?

Next to the cricket ground, The Oval has 3 large indoor conference rooms. Each large enough to hold at least 50 people.

We needed to make sure each of these conference rooms was fully equipped to capture and stream the conferences to the highest possible quality.

This meant at least 3 V-mix operators were present per room. As well as several cameramen, audio technicians, and event runners to ensure each base was covered.

Our talented team conducted this process for 3 days, maintaining successful production throughout the event’s entirety.

Virtual Event Production

With such a large audience, Alzheimer’s Disease International wanted to make sure the event was as inclusive as possible.

This meant bringing in audiences from countries across the world.

However, some audience members and delegates were unable to attend its venue in London due to it being too far away.

We were tasked with designing and creating a virtual event platform which would mimic the experience remote attendees would get from an in-person experience.

We created a platform which was easy to navigate by attendees and delegates. While also being exciting to look at and incorporating ADI branding.

As well as a virtual even platform, several other hybrid elements were present throughout the production of the ADI conference.

Such as: Discussions between in person and virtual delegates, recording of the event in full to be viewed after, as well as virtual presentations.

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