There are so many different event types available. Whether that’s corporate events, party events, or business conferences, the list goes on. This can make it difficult when deciding what kind of event you want to host. Today, we will be answering the question: what is a corporate event?

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What is an Event?

To answer the question of: what is a corporate event? We should first cover what an event itself actually is. An event is a public or online social occasion. It can come in many forms. Whether that’s a live event, virtual event, hybrid event, or sports event.

A corporate event will typically fall into the category of the first 3 event types above.

1. What is a Corporate Event?

A corporate event is an event that is held by a large company for its employees. Therefore, it can fall into the category of countless other event types.

For example, a corporate event could be a party event, an awards event, a business conference, or an experiential event.

The type of corporate event held isn’t limited to the field the company operates in. So a party planning company can host a business event, and a business management company can host a party event.

2. Who can Attend a Corporate Event?

A corporate event can be attended by many types of people. This includes:

  • Company employees
  • Company management
  • Potential clients
  • Shareholders
  • Presenters

Typically, businesses will host corporate events to celebrate work that’s been carried out by their staff. Or it could be held to educate its staff on a new service it’s implementing. Here at Giggabox, we’ve produced over a hundred corporate events in countries across the world.

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3. What Types of Events can Corporate Events be?

  • Business events
  • Professional conferences
  • Party events
  • Experiential events
  • Product launch event
  • Awards event

Business Events

Business events are one of the broadest event types. This is because they can be in the style of multiple events. This can include networking events, professional conferences, and award events.

Professional Conferences

Professional conferences are events which discuss anything related to attendees’ fields of expertise. Moreover, they are normally very formal events and can be virtual events, hybrid events, and live events.

Party Events

Typically, party events are those where a business celebrates a particular occasion with its staff. Party events can also be held by private groups and clients for celebration.

Experiential Events

Experiential events are normally those which businesses hold to show off a product or service they offer. Or a business will hold an experiential event to present its branding through a unique experience.

Product Launch Event

Probably the most self-explanatory event type on this list. Product launches are held by businesses to present a new product they are offering.

Awards Event

Companies will hold awards events to celebrate an achievement or talent of their employees/clients.

Ultimately, the question of what is a corporate event. Comes down to multiple factors. They are incredibly versatile events. They come in many forms and can tailor to most themes. Here at Giggabox, we have experience producing over 100 successful corporate events.

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