Hybrid events have become a popular choice for organisations seeking to combine the best of both virtual and in-person experiences. However, creating a truly immersive and engaging hybrid event requires careful planning and consideration. In this article, we will explore six top tips to help you humanise your hybrid event and ensure a meaningful and memorable experience for both online and offline audiences.

TIP 1: Consider the viewpoint of on- and off-line event audiences

To humanise your hybrid event, it’s crucial to consider the needs and perspectives of both online and offline participants. Design your event with inclusive elements that cater to the unique requirements of each group. This may include providing clear instructions for online attendees, offering dedicated networking areas for in-person participants, and ensuring seamless interaction between the two groups through technology.

TIP 2: Involve the audience before and after the event

Engage your audience before the event begins to create a sense of anticipation and involvement. Encourage pre-event participation through interactive polls, surveys, or social media discussions. By allowing attendees to contribute their ideas or preferences, you create a sense of ownership and build excitement, making the event more personal and relevant for everyone involved.

TIP 3: Create networking opportunities

Networking is an essential aspect of any event, and hybrid events should be no exception. Provide opportunities for both online and offline attendees to connect and interact. Utilise dedicated virtual networking platforms, facilitate live chats or even incorporate breakout sessions where participants can engage in meaningful conversations. By fostering connections, you will humanise the experience and enhance the overall value for your attendees.

TIP 4: Involve the off-site event audiences in real-time

Make sure to actively involve the online audience throughout the event. Utilise technology such as live streaming, real-time Q&A sessions, or interactive polls to bridge the gap between the two groups. Encourage remote participants to contribute questions or comments and ensure that their voices are heard and valued. This inclusivity will help create a cohesive event experience and ensure that all attendees feel engaged and involved.

TIP 5: Mix It Up – Create various event formats

Variety is the spice of life, and it’s no different for hybrid events. Incorporate a mix of engaging formats to keep the audience’s attention and create a dynamic experience. Combine traditional presentations with interactive workshops, panel discussions, or live demonstrations. By offering diverse content and experiences, you will cater to different learning styles and preferences, fostering a more human connection with your attendees.

TIP 6: Get continuous event audience feedback

To continually improve and humanise your hybrid events, it’s essential to gather feedback from participants. Utilise post-event surveys or dedicated feedback sessions to understand what worked well and areas that could be enhanced. Actively listen to feedback and implement changes based on the suggestions received. By involving your audience in shaping future events, you demonstrate that their opinions matter and reinforce the human element in your event planning.

Create memorable event experiences.

By following these six top tips, you can humanise your hybrid event and create a memorable experience that resonates with both online and offline attendees. Remember to consider the needs of both groups, involve the audience before and during the event, create networking opportunities, and gather continuous feedback. By fostering connections and creating post-event communities, you will leave a lasting impression and ensure the success of your hybrid events.

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