Event Type

Brand Activations

Event Location

Dubai, UAE

Event Date

Feb 10th, 2022

What Was West Midlands Growth Company Looking For?

Our client: West Midlands Growth Company were looking to promote the West Midlands as a world-class destination for tourism, trade and investment.

They wanted to deliver an event which allowed their content to flourish in the best way possible. Therefore, WMGC wanted to find an event production company with proven experience delivering high-quality events. A hybrid event allowed the event to be viewed to be viewed by an in-person and virtual audience.

West Midlands Growth Company Hybrid Event Requirements:

  • Question submissions from a live, in venue audience
  • Speaker panel on stage in front of a live audience
  • A camera operator during the event
  • Audio visuals management and production
  • Robust, reliable technical production
  • Recording of all content
  • Ability to film interviews pre and post Event – single camera

WMGC Event Production

Due to the nature of the WM Growth event, they were looking to target as wide an audience as possible. Letting their audience know what makes the west Midlands such an attractive destination for tourism and business.

Event management and production for the event needed to be of the highest quality to put WMGC in the best light possible.

Live Studio Production

We sent our team to Dubai to facilitate the event. We completed the beginning to end production process for this event. Incessantly monitoring and testing our production equipment to make sure everything was fully operational.

Included at the event was our camera operator. He captured all content and visuals at the Expo. Making sure the event was viewable in the highest possible quality. During the event, WMGC wanted to encourage as much interaction between the audience and speakers as possible. Therefore, we created a studio which allowed questions to be asked by audience members to speakers.

Virtual Aspects of Event

You may be wondering why this comes down as a hybrid event rather than a live event.  This is because several virtual/remote aspects were included in the event.

  • Pre-recorded videos were made by several speakers from remote locations.
  • Live interactions were made between both in-person and remote speakers.
  • The event was uploaded to an online platform once complete

Pre-recorded videos from speakers were played during the event. This allowed the event to flow seamlessly. It also meant that West Midlands Growth Company could include speakers who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to attend. Virtual speakers were included into discussions with live presenters through our event technology. By implementing virtual elements, the event was made much more complete and inclusive.

Live Studio Design

For the WMGC hybrid event, a live studio was needed to showcase their content in the most enticing way possible. The studio also needed to represent the branding of West Midlands Growth Company.

West Midlands Growth Company heavily features an orange and red gradient in their branding. With this in mind, we sought to incorporate this gradient throughout the studio. This not only reflected the red and white of the CDRI logo but created a vibrant aesthetic to be enjoyed by attendees.

Overall, the design of the WMGC studio was both modern and professional. Featuring a unique lighting structure and fascinating flooring pattern.

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