Event Type

Education Events

Event Location

Glasgow, England

Event Date

June 8 – June 9

What was QAA Looking For?

Our client: Quality Assurance Agency was looking to inform and educate their audience through a sleek and professional hybrid event.

With the magnitude of their event, QAA came to us looking for technical perfection.  QAA needed an in person venue which was both visually impressive, and capable of holding their numerous conferences. They also wanted their event to be viewed live by a remote audience.

Therefore, we captured the event using exceptional video and audio equipment. We then created a feed allowing the event to be streamed to a virtual events platform QAA were using.

Quality Assurance Agency Hybrid Event Requirements:

  • 2 days of hybrid conference production taking place in Central Glasgow
  • Large and professional venue to hold and produce and stream live conferences
  • Event technology allowing remote delegates to interact and present to a live and remote viewing audience.
  • Q&A segments during event from audience members to in person and virtual speakers
  • Bespoke graphics, lower thirds, and transitions
  • Streaming and technical engineers present throughout both days. Facilitating event while taking place
  • Complete event sound production
  • 4K resolution recording of event to be viewed after

Virtual Aspects Of The Event

The Quality Assurance Agency event featured numerous virtual aspects. These included:

  • Virtual Speakers
  • Virtual Event Platform
  • Live Streaming
  • Pre-recorded Delegate Speeches
  • Video Recording of Event

Throughout the event, a seamless integration of virtual event technology was featured. To achieve as extract as much useful information from speakers, a virtual link was needed to incorporate speakers who couldn’t attend in person.

This technology allowed discussions between in person delegates and those in remote locations. To target a much broader audience, QAA wanted to stream their event live to a remote viewing audience. This allowed people who couldn’t attend the event in person to access the content. The event was also recorded in 4K resolution to be viewed by those who missed it.

QAA Event Production

Production for the event lasted for over 2 months. Throughout the production, our team was based between our offices in Buckingham and the event venue in Glasgow.

We worked closely with members of QAA to identify exactly what they were looking to achieve with this event. Identifying the tone and technical aspects which we’d need to make it happen.

Live Event Production

For production of QAA’s event, event technicians, digital editors, and marketing was carried out by our team.
Members of our team from each of these areas were sent to the venue in Glasgow. They ensured the event was produced and captured in the best light possible.

Audience Collaboration

QAA wanted to encourage as much discussion from attendees as possible. Therefore, venue conferences needed to be arranged in a way that would allow for collaboration during events.
This came down to effective event sound production and studio planning.

Event Sound Production

During Q&A’s and speeches from audience members, microphones were needed to be passed between attendees.
Therefore, to guarantee smooth production, we needed to ensure all technical aspects of the event were managed perfectly.

Studio Planning

For each of the venue rooms which encouraged audience participation, we organised the layout and appearance in a way that would allow this.

For example, for one of the venue rooms, chairs were arranged in a circle, with inner circles of chairs facing the centre of the circle. This allowed full attention to be on attendees making a speech.

Live Studio Design

Due to the informative and educational aspects of the QAA event, a venue/studio was needed to reflect these aspects.

‘The Studio’ in central Glasgow was the venue for this event. It gave Giggabox and QAA the perfect balance of technical and visual freedom to make the event as impressive as possible. Vibrant colours and homages to Scotland were featured throughout the venue. This gave the venue a professional and sleek aesthetic.

The venue also allowed us space to operate and facilitate the event to the highest possible quality.
Spectacular views of Glasgow were available to those who attended the event!

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