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London (The Kia Oval), England

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Best-in-Class Live Conference Event for the Education Sector

PiXL was born out of the Department for Education’s (DfE) ‘The London Challenge’, a school improvement programme set up by the government in 2003 with the aim to provide school leaders with classroom strategies and resources that will impact improving the life chances and outcomes for young people. PiXL is committed to providing practical support and strategies to make an impact with a focus on reading, oracy, writing, numeracy, character education or establishing solid cultures. Each year PiXL delivers its Annual Live Conference Event to support this work.

High Standards for Conference Event Delivery

Live Conference Event for PiXL was a return to a live face-to-face national conference that involved high levels of interactivity and was a blend of different approaches – we created multiple zones that members could visit and interact – offering an opportunity for attendees to network with colleagues as well as attend breakout sessions to tailor the members’ personal experiences. In addition, there was an option for members to attend digital conferences as well as catch up on demand via PiXL TV.

Organising a completely unforgettable full-service event of this scale requires a large range of tailored services – everything from creating a unique set design and build through to creating a technically rich immersive venue space.

A Lesson In Conference Event Planning

As partners of The KIA Oval, we have delivered many live conferences at this famous international venue. For the Live Conference Event for PiXL – Post 16 National Conference, our production and digital teams collaborated to oversee the design, set-up, and execution of the event. 

We brought together PiXL and Giggabox in partnership to deliver a spectacular event solution – to provide an array of services, which were designed to fit the client’s requirements and make the best use of this spectacular historic venue.

It is essential to set the right tone therefore PiXL branding was incorporated in the up-lighters. And the set featured dual screen projection to increase the visibility and viewing angle from either side of the large auditorium. The keynote speakers could run multiple programmes, simultaneously for a slicker production instead of having to switch between screens and programmes. Four 4 repeater screens were sited across the venue so no matter where members were within the venue, they could always keep up with the programme.

Sight and sound are equally important at an event with over 400 attendees – therefore various audio production elements were used including 2 wireless mics and lectern mic and a PA for the main auditorium.

Top Marks For Management and Event Production

Ultimately, PiXL’s Live Conference Event – Post 16 National Conference delivered in terms of scale, engagement, and audience some fantastic insights into their work and the needs of their audience. However, our most important achievement was the incredible feedback we received from our client – PiXL. Receiving such feedback is the ultimate reason we do what we do.

  • Complete production and management of a national conference and flagship event.
  • Creation and implementation of a live event application which was vital to the planning and execution of the event 
  • Bringing together industry leaders from across the UK to discuss and share information about improving the life chances and outcomes for young people.
  • Receiving amazing feedback from PiXL members and attendees.

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