Event Type

Pharmaceutical Events

Event Location

New York, Madrid, London, Cambridge MA, Oaklands CA, New Orleans

Event Date

March 21 - March 23, 2022

What the global organisation was looking for?

Our client: Open Water Development Ltd, Open Water commissioned us to deliver an event for one of the top five pharmaceutical giants and pushed the envelope in hybrid event technology!

The pharmaceutical company wanted their hybrid event to include brand-new technology to showcase their event in the highest possible quality. With their global presence, they wanted to incorporate an audience which reflected this. Therefore, broadcasting their event to a worldwide audience was our mission. This Open Water event was a game changer for us as it showed the drastic progress we’d made from the start of Giggabox to now.

Hybrid Event Requirements

  • Green Screen Studios in 5 locations around the world
  • Producer in Netherlands Studio
  • Revolutionary technology to connect presenters thousands of miles away from each other.
  • Controllable studio lighting for green-screen and presenters
  • Minimum of 100Mb upload speed on hard-wired internet connection
  • Technical Manager / Streaming engineers throughout all studios
  • Presenters interacting with speakers/participants in remote locations

Event Production

Production of the event lasted just under a month. Throughout the production, our team was based between our office in Buckingham and the studios across the world.

Live-Studio Production

Our team completed the entire beginning-to-end production of each of the green screen studios. Featured at each of the production studios was our team of streaming engineers, audio technicians, and video technicians. Ensuring every aspect of the studios were operational.

For the event, a studio in the Netherlands was required to stream to from all green screen studios. From here, we were able to seamlessly connect presenters with each other. Making it look like they were right alongside each other. When in reality, they were thousands of miles away from one another.

Event Technology

Each of the live studios featured state of the art technology, creating the immersion that the presenters were in the same room as each other.

For this technology to work, we needed to make sure our green screen studios were perfectly constructed. When new presenters were being brought into discussions, we delivered this in a revolutionary way. If you’ve ever seen star trek, you’ll know that officers are ‘beamed’ on alien planets and spaceships. For this event, we ‘beamed’ presenters into the virtual set in a way that left viewers gobsmacked!

So one presenter may be in present at the New York studio, while the other is in the Madrid studio. The Madrid presenter would beam onto the New York set and appear as though they were there in-person.

Green Screen Studio

Through use of green screen studios, we were able to create virtual environments for our presenters and speakers to interact in.

The green screen studios included green backgrounds which stretched over 2 metres vertically and over 4 metres horizontally (across floor). Both green screen panels were joint in the smoothest way possible. Leaving no creases or bumps whatsoever.

Enough lighting was also needed in the green screen studios to amplify the green colour as much as possible. This meant that anyone standing in front of the green screen was perfectly encased in the virtual environment.

Check out some photos of ours and Open Water’s team below!

Virtual Environment

We strived to make the environments as visually impactful and sleek as possible. The environments included multiple different dimensions and angles. With the layout of each environment differing depending on what was being spoken about.

For example, if a speaker had a speech about a certain topic, a large screen filling up the entire green screen background was displayed. This screen would be displayed behind the speaker while talking. Or if an event segment included presenters interacting with virtual guests, a right-angled set might be created. This included screens on both sides of the set. One of the screens might include the virtual guests, and the other may display useful information or branding.

The End Result

Overall, we wanted to achieve an event which was as inclusive and breath-taking as possible. Therefore, we brought in presenters, speakers, and audience members (all thousands of miles away) in a way that was visually impressive and natural.

During the event, we created a feed allowing presenters to interact with guests and speakers in remote locations. Questions were asked by remote attendees to live speakers. Virtual speakers interacted with live presenters.

The goal was to create an experience which allowed viewers to not even realise that everyone was in separate locations. This event proved that technology can link people together in revolutionary ways.

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