Event Type

Automotive Events, Business Events, Conference Events

Event Location

Leicester, United Kingdom

Event Date

12th Jan 2023

The Brief

Our Client: Kawasaki sought an experienced events company to orchestrate their yearly dealer conference.

Their objective was clear: deliver an event that not only delivered crucial information to their staff but also mirrored their identity as a forward-thinking, innovative brand.

The client tasked us with the challenge of editing and presenting multiple videos seamlessly on-screen. Our responsibilities encompassed all technical aspects of the conference, including audio, visual, and lighting design. All this was achieved while staying within budget, crafting a corporate-scale event.

What Did We Do?

With the event acting as a springboard for the conversation around the companies goals and values, we put their branding at the heart of this event.

Using specialist lighting technology to highlight the bikes on display and the presenters alongside them, we transformed the room with our audio visual solutions.

We provided an all inclusive AV production package for this live event, showcasing the power of the Digital Content Creation team which the videos were adapted for the large screen.

How Did We Do It?

Given the tight timeline, our primary focus was on producing top-notch digital content for the brand. Our team of video editors, graphic designers, and technicians toiled tirelessly to meticulously format and edit the videos for the big screen.

We dedicated the evening before the event to set up the Audio Visual equipment at the venue, conducting rehearsals and rigorous tests the following morning to ensure a seamless show experience.

What Did We Achieve?

We successfully executed a highly specialised live event for one of the world’s leading automotive companies.

Our team’s unwavering commitment, dedication, and technical proficiency ensured a flawlessly executed event, bringing together Kawasaki Dealers from all corners of the country.

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