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Live Event Production of the most spectacular motorcycle sport

As a leading motorcycle trials event, DL12 Indoor Trial approached Giggabox, to produce their highly anticipated 2023 event. Our team was tasked with providing a comprehensive range of Live Event Services to create an exhilarating and action-packed experience that reflected the excitement and technicality of the sport.

Revving up the excitement: The thrilling and technical world of motorcycle trials at DL12 Indoor Trial

The DL12 Indoor Trials is one of the most spectacular motorcycle sports events in the world, attracting a large following of enthusiasts and riders. The trial is a highly technical motorcycle sport where riders must ride through sections facing different obstacles while following one main rule at all times: avoid touching the ground with their feet, toe, handlebars, protector, or engine guard. Penalties range from 0-5 in each section, with each time a rider touches the ground considered a foul, resulting in a negative point.

Pushing the Limits: Providing Live Event Services to maximise the overall experience

Our team provided a range of Live Event Services to maximise the overall event experience. We provided lighting, audio, and visuals for the large arena screen and cut 4 cameras with timing and score graphics for the big screen with integrated replays. Microphones and music were provided for the arena audio, while the lighting was arranged throughout all sections of the venue. Giggabox ensured that each of these services harmonised seamlessly to create an atmosphere that was optimised in every area of the event.

The Giggabox team far exceeded my expectations; what you brought to the night was game changing and transformed this Trials event into something relevant for a sporting audience in 2023 and a sport far bigger than Trials currently is. Your whole team was brilliant, super accommodating, efficient and easy to work with.
Jake Miller, DL12 Trials

A Thrilling Ride: Achieving a ground-breaking event and positive feedback at DL12 Indoor Trial

The DL12 Indoor Trials was a ground-breaking event and we were thrilled to provide a broad range of services to power this event.

Giggabox received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from attendees and stakeholders, which is always the highlight of the entire event production experience.

We look forward to many more successful collaborations with DL12 Indoor Trial in the future.

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