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Conference Events, Sustainability Events

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India, New Delhi

Event Date

May 4th- May 6th, 2022

ICDRI 2022: Embracing Global Transitions and Building Resilience

The Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI) held their annual conference at the Oberoi Hotel in New Delhi. The event brought together member countries, organisations, and institutions. Their aim was to strengthen the worldwide conversation on infrastructure that can withstand disasters and climate challenges.

CDRI commissioned Giggabox to deliver the fourth iteration of ICDRI, held from 4th to 6th May 2022. Moving from a fully virtual format in 2021, CDRI chose a hybrid event format for 2022. By going for a hybrid event, they were able to include speakers from all over the world, emphasising the importance of a global conversation and significantly cutting down on the conference’s emissions. As a result, event speakers who faced barriers in attending were able to feature from remote locations.`


CDRI Hybrid Event Requirements

CDRI aimed to attract a global audience to their event by adopting a hybrid format, allowing for both in-person and remote participation. Additionally, it was important for the conference to bring together member countries, organisations, and institutions on a global scale to facilitate conversation and establish concrete actions.

As an aclaimed Hybrid Event company, Giggabox delivered:

  • Two live event venues to accommodate in-person attendees.
  • Customised graphics developed through expert consultation.
  • A live studio in the Netherlands for streaming event sessions to YouTube.
  • Development of a virtual platform accessible to remote audiences.
  • Integration of CDRI branding within live studios and hyrbid broadcast.
  • A dedicated team of sound and visual technicians to oversee event audio and visuals.
  • The creation of a YouTube platform for livestreaming.


CDRI Event Production

CDRI Event Production Process

Planning the production of the Internation Conference for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure required meticulous attention to detail and effective communication between Buckingham and New Dehli. After conducting a comprehensive needs assessment, we identified the specific requirements for both in-person and remote participants, including audiovisual equipment, streaming capabilities, and interactive elements.

Once the needs were established, Giggabox collaborated closely with local vendors in New Delhi to ensure that the in-person experience went off without a hitch. Additionally, we sourced local state-of-the-art AV equipment to avoid high emissions and tested connectivity in the chosen venues to guarantee a smooth production.

The Final Preparations

In the last stages of planning, we focused on cultivating content in collaboration with CDRI, ensuring engaging presentations and interactive elements for both in-person and remote audiences. Similarly, our dedicated teams ran extensive tests of the remote streaming and backup systems to minimise technical glitches. Throughout the event, Giggabox maintained a dedicated team of technicians for on site support in New Delhi, as well as specialist hybrid support technicians to aid speakers, pannelists, and audience members engaging with the event.

Virtual Event Platform

The Giggabox team monitored the CDRI virtual platform closeley during the event, communicating with the live studio technicians to bring in virtual speakers and panellists. Meanwhile, from our remote production office in Buckingham, we worked tirelessley from 2am to ensure an uninterrupted live stream.

The platform was designed to create a seamless journey for the remote viewers. Event segments and lobbies were interconnected, allowing them to navigate with ease. Similarly, networking features provided a painless way to facilitate further conversation, delocalising the discussion from the conference to outside avenues.

Branding and Personalisation

Suitable branding for CDRI was featured throughout the platform in the form of holding slides, logo placements, and video transitions. By customising the platform to feature the CDRI colours, logos, and font styles, we ensured a stylised and high quality end product, fitting for a global environmental organisation.

Live Studio Design

The live studio needed to reflect the prestige and impact of CDRI’s event. Additionally, it had to mirror their values and culture as an organisation. We achieved this by working closely with CDRI, thoroughly understanding their goals and beliefs as an organisation.

To align with CDRI’s branding, a red and white color scheme featured prominently throughout both production studios. This not only mirrored the red and white of the CDRI logo but also created a vibrant aesthetic to be enjoyed by attendees. Furthermore, we incorporated sleek and professional elements into our design of the space. This included chandelier-style light holders and modern architecture to underscore the innovative aspects of the organization.

The ICDRI’s Mission
In essence, ICDRI 2022 was a testament to the commitment to building resilient infrastructure that can withstand the challenges posed by a rapidly changing world. The conference promoted the importance of infrastructure and the imperatives of sustainability, resilience, and inclusivity.

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