Service Type

Hybrid Events

Event Type

Sustainable Events

Event Location

India, New Delhi

Event Date

May 4th- May 6th, 2022

What Was CDRI Looking For?

Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI) were looking for an event production company experienced in producing high-quality hybrid events.

CDRI are a company which helps countries globally. Therefore, they wanted to attract a global audience to their event.

By choosing a hybrid event, they were able to:

  • Incorporate an in-person audience at their 2 event venues.
  • Incorporate a remote viewing audience.

By choosing a hybrid event, they were also able to include speakers who otherwise may not have been able to attend. Event speakers who may not have been able to attend in-person were able to feature from remote locations.

CDRI Hybrid Event Requirements

  • 2 live venues to produce their event and feature an in-person audience
  • Custom graphics to feature during event
  • A live studio in the Netherlands to stream their event session to Youtube
  • A Virtual platform to be accessed and viewed by a remote audience
  • Incorporation of CDRI branding at live studios
  • A team of sound and visual technicians controlling and monitoring the event audio and visuals.
  • Creation of a Youtube account to livestream their event to

CDRI Event Production

Production for CDRI’s hybrid event lasted 1 month. Our team was based between our office in Buckingham and the event venues in India.

Live-Studio Production

We required a team to facilitate and produce the event at the studios in New Delhi. We conducted the beginning to end production process for the live studios.

Audio technicians were on hand to make sure all the event equipment was fully operational. Video technicians monitored the production equipment. Making sure all visuals were being captured to the highest possible quality.

Streaming engineers were present to make sure the visuals and audio from the live studio were successfully live streamed to the virtual event platform.

Virtual Event Platform Production

We required a team to customize a virtual event platform for CDRI’s event. Our team worked closely with representatives from CDRI to make sure the platform best represented the event and their brand. Our team also briefed each event speaker and participant on the procedure for featuring in the event.

We also conducted pre-records with event speakers. Pre-records are recordings made by speakers who cannot attend the event. These were played during the event and fit seamlessly into the event flow.

Virtual Event Platform

We monitored the CDRI virtual event platform during the event. We did this from our office in Buckingham. Due to the time difference between Buckingham and New Delhi, our team had to begin work at 2am during the 3 event days (Lightwork for our team!).

The platform was designed to create a seamless journey for the remote viewers. Allowing them to navigate between event segments and lobbies with ease.

Suitable branding for CDRI was featured throughout the platform in the form of holding slides, logo placements, and video transitions.

Live Studio Design

The live studio needed to reflect the prestige and impact of CDRI’s event. While also reflecting their values and culture as an organisation. This was achieved through working closely with CDRI, understanding their goals and beliefs as an organisation.

A red and white colour scheme was featured throughout the entire production studios. This reflected the red and white of the CDRI logo and created a vibrant aesthetic to be enjoyed by attendees. The overall design of the studios was both sleek and professional. Featuring chandelier style light holders and modern architecture.

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