Why Is Time Management Important For An Event Organiser?

April 28, 2022 – Rory Forder

Good time management is essential for everything we do in our lives. This especially applies to event organisers. Events often need to be completed on a tight schedule. With hundreds and sometimes thousands involved in the event production. But exactly why is time management important for an event organiser?

Let’s find out!

What is an Event Organiser?

An event organiser is an individual or team which deals with the entire production process of events. Whether that’s a live event, virtual event, hybrid event, or sports event.

An event organiser will cover every single aspect of the event management process.

So for a live event, everything from the venue, camera operators, audio technicians will be carefully chosen for that event.

This applies to virtual events as well (click here to find out what a virtual event is).

Experienced event management companies will use a virtual event platform to deliver the entire event.

This platform aims to replicate the same experience achieved by a live event.

We use a platform called eventsair, click here to find out more about them.

Why is Time Management important for an Event Organiser?

  1. Responsible for so many people/groups

There is a HUGE amount of responsibility resting on the shoulders of event organisers. Clients often rely on organisers to produce their entire event.

Event companies normally enlist the help of various teams to deliver the event. With each team often being made up of large groups of people.

As an event production company, you need every group completing their job exactly when they need to. If one group isn’t doing what they need to- WHEN they need to, the entire event could be affected.

Keeping good time management makes sure everything is set up and the event runs smoothly.

  1. Event may miss out on attendees

Attendees are the entire reason events are produced. And if you’re not maximising the amount of attendees you can bring in, you’re missing out!

Making sure your event attendees know where and when the event is, is crucial. This comes from good time management by the event organiser.

A full process should be in place by an event production company per event. A process which gives attendees exact event details. With frequent reminders sent to the attendees in the build up to the event.

  1. Attendee health may be affected

Who wants to suffer an injury at an event? Unorganised event production companies can occasionally gloss over health and safety aspects due to poor time management.

For example, if you are serving food at your event and one of your attendees has a nut allergy, you need to know this ASAP.

Putting time aside to ensure your attendees know of any potential health hazards at an event is crucial.

Health and safety is at full focus for us at Giggabox. We make sure all our attendees know exactly what to expect from the event.

How to Manage your time as an Event Organiser

With the above in mind, poor time management can have huge consequences on your event. Therefore, you need a complete process which you can follow for each event.

  1. Be ready for any unforeseen problems

This may seem contradictory. The whole point of an unforeseen problem is that you don’t expect it!

However, there are failsafe’s you can put in place if something bad were to happen.

For example, if an event organiser is producing a live event, and the venue provider cancels last minute, this would create huge problems for most organisers.

However, we at Giggabox have a solution to a problem like this. We can transition your live event to a virtual event at any point during the production process.

This means that the content from your event can still be viewed by your audience, but from remote locations.

This gives you peace of mind that your event is guaranteed to go ahead, regardless of the circumstances.

2. Creating a watertight schedule for flexibility

By keeping good time management, you allow yourself time to adjust to any last-minute requests.

Say for example, your client wants a different type of chair to the ones they initially requested.

If you have kept good time management throughout the entire production process, you may be capable of carrying out this request at short notice.

However, often these kinds of changes cannot be actioned regardless of the amount of preparation time you have given yourself.

Going back to the question of ‘how is time management important for an event organiser?’. It can be answered in many ways. However, by creating a solid schedule for each event you produce, you massively decrease the chances of encountering problems. Here at Giggabox, we have a solid schedule in place for all our events. Allowing us to manage our time perfectly.

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