What is the Role of an Event Director? – The Ultimate Guide

April 08, 2022 – Rory Forder

Events come in many forms. Whether that’s live events, virtual events, hybrid events, or sports events. The list goes on. And these events need huge amounts of staff to ensure they run smoothly. Camera operators, event coordinators, even audio technicians. But overseeing the complete production process is an event director. But what is the role of an event director?

Let’s find out!

What is the role of an Event Director?

Simply put, an event director is in charge of the entire event production process. It is their responsibility to designate tasks to the relevant groups so every aspect of the event is catered for.

But it’s 2022, and the list of event types is seemingly never ending. This means that it’s difficult to narrow down a universal role for an event director.

Below are standard roles they may have for the different types of events.

What is the role of a Live Event Director?

The role of an event director of a live event is perhaps the easiest to describe. This is because live events have been around for years.

They are responsible for leading the team in all areas. Here are just a few areas an they will oversee:

  • Event budget – Making sure there is no overspend, with maximum profitability.
  • Event tactics – Optimising the program of the event, so each event segment flows
  • Role assigning – Ensuring the managing director knows the key principles of the event.
  • Liaising with other event departments – E.g. operations, marketing etc.
  • Supporting company’s senior management team

What is the role of a Virtual Director?

Virtual events are events which take place online. With a remote audience and participants.

These events obviously have a different creation process to live events. Click here to find out more about virtual events.

Similar to a live event, a virtual event director is the overseer of the event. They are responsible for the smooth running of the event.

Here are some typical roles they may cover:

  • Technology monitoring – Making sure the virtual event platform is capable of successfully delivering the event.
  • Role assignment – Assigning roles including a platform architect and digital technician for a seamless and professional flow to the event.
  • Event budgeting
  • Liaising with other companies if business doesn’t have technological capabilities

What is the role of a Hybrid Director?

A hybrid event is an event that combines a live in-person event with a virtual online component. This could be a remote audience, or a digital presentation. Click here for more information on hybrid events.

As you can imagine, a hybrid event director has a role which involves aspects from both above event types.

Therefore, the key responsibilities are typically as follows:

  • Event budgeting
  • Technology monitoring
  • Role assignment
  • Event tactics
  • Liaising with event departments/companies
  • Supporting company’s senior management team

Clearly, the role of an event director can vary drastically. However, some key roles which are intrinsic to all event types include: event budgeting, role assignment, and event tactical planning. Here at Giggabox, we are specialists in event management.

Our team are experienced in producing high quality corporate events, party events, and awards events among others. Click here to find out how we can deliver an event your audience will love!

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