Virtual Events – Here’s what you need to know

March 18, 2022 – Rory Forder

We’re living in a time where live events are no longer the only solution. Nowadays, we have hybrid events, virtual events, and even cloud-based events! These alternatives give event participants and audience the peace of mind when it comes to sustainability or health concerns.

Today, we’re going to find out exactly what virtual events are and how they differ from other types.

Let’s get into it…

What are Virtual Events?

Putting it simply, a virtual event is an event that takes place online. With a remote audience and participants. An experienced event production company will create an online environment that evokes the same experience of a live event.

You’d be amazed at the kind of environments that can be created!

Here at Giggabox, we produce virtual events with all sorts of virtual environments. Click here to check out some of the virtual environments we’ve created.

Unlike live/ hybrid events, the entire event takes place remotely. Click here for more information on live/hybrid events.

How are Virtual Events made?

Most event management companies have their own process for creating events. However, we at Giggabox have three key stages for our virtual events.

  1. We use specialist streaming software to optimise our video recordings. From here we can move around the video recordings of participants and audience in a way that flows seamlessly.
  1. Next, the stream is sent to a video platform like Zoom or Vimeo. This platform serves as a vehicle for the stream to be processed by the next software that we use.
  1. Finally, the stream is sent to a software that creates a virtual environment around the videos. This software allows you to create online waiting rooms and virtual lobbies. It can even create virtual environments around a stream while it is taking place.

Once the event is complete, we upload it online so it can be viewed by those who weren’t able to attend.

What are the benefits of Virtual events?

There are some clear benefits of virtual events over other types of events. Here are just a few of them:

  • They are more sustainable than live/hybrid events. This is because no vehicles have been used to transport items you’ll normally find at hybrid and live events. Items like chairs, tables, and lights.
  • They can create similar environments to live events. Ok, maybe there aren’t hundreds of people sat in your living room or bedroom. But effective virtual events can create the immersion of you being in a room with other attendees. This is down to authentic virtual venues and awesome technical management.
  • They are often much less expensive to produce AND attend. Due to the high costs of producing live and hybrid events, event management companies will often charge attendees more to balance out spending costs. However, online events cost significantly less to produce than other event types. Therefore, the cost of attending is significantly less. Making it a win-win situation for both parties.
  • Larger, more diverse audiences are often found at virtual events. For live events, there are often logistical issues that present themselves to potential attendees. For example, if someone lives over 5000 miles from the venue, this could be an issue! Virtual events can be attended from any location, thus expanding your audience.
  • They can be used as insurance for live events. But what do I mean by this? If a live event is cancelled for whatever reason, specialist event production companies can transition your live event to a virtual form at short notice. Therefore, when picking a company to produce your event, it is always handy to choose one that specialises in producing live, hybrid, AND online events.

Clearly, there are many advantages of virtual events over other event types. Whether that’s down to sustainability, insurability, or exclusivity. Here it Giggabox, we specialise in producing Virtual, Hybrid, and Live Events across the world. Click here to get in touch with one of our team today and find out how we can produce an event your audience will love.

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