Using AR in your business

Augmented Reality. That’s right, we are now living in the future.

What is AR?

Essentially it combines data from a physical object to a digital medium. The user sees the reality that is overlaid with digital information. In our case, this is with video.

Why should I use it?

AR, just like all forms of marketing, is a way to engage with your customer or your potential customers. New technologies allow us to do so with a “wow-factor”. We have all been to networking events and handed a card which you instantly forget about. Well, why don’t you bring your business card to life?

By just holding their phone over your business card, people are given more information than you could possibly convey in your elevator pitch.

Your business has a brochure? Perfect. Why not have a printed version with simple and digestible text but also, hold your phone over your favoured section and be given all the information via a film. What would you rather? Read the brochure or watch the film?

Is it important?

We’re not saying that AR will change your business. But it will change the way your customers think about you. Being ahead of the game can only be a positive thing. When your competitors start doing it, you’ll already be on the next sci-fi-esque bit of technology.

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