The issue of compliments or complements is particularly perplexing to me as so many marketeers get it wrong. Once you have read this article, I guarantee you’ll notice this grammatical howler over and over again.

So, for the unclear (and do not feel bad- you’re in the majority):

  • To compliment is to provide words of support and affirmation;
  • and to complement is to provide something which goes well with something else.

Complimentary Towels will say to you:

“Have you been on a diet? You look fabulous darling!”

Complimentary vouchers are the ones that coo:

“You’ve been working so hard! You’re absolutely smashing it- treat yourself to a spa day.”

Complimentary clients are the ones that say:

“Giggabox consistently deliver high quality results for us. They bring a creativity of approach, high levels of professionalism and a positive can-do attitude”

The latter is a quote from Andrew Curley, Head of Sponsorship and Events at Vauxhall Motors, complimenting the quality of our video production and event production services (well, I am writing this on company time; I had to get a plug in there somewhere!). To continue the theme, then, it’s worth pointing out that our business has two complementary components. Giggabox provides exceptional and astonishing event project management and event production- West End quality at East Midlands prices. This is complemented by fantastic film production services and creative corporate video production. Whether you are looking to train your staff with company videos, connect to a wider audience with live event streaming, or to promote a new product with corporate videos, Giggabox will have a solution for you. Don’t believe me? Just look at all the other compliments we’ve received on the web site. So, to recap, compliment with words of support and affirmation; and complement to provide a perfect match for something else. Join me in this grammatical revolution. Let’s raise the bar. Let’s spread the word.​

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