Event production is always a juggle, isn’t it? The event always grows to outstrip the budget, rather than the other way around. But does it always have to be this way?

The Giggabox team were recently working for a major business services company on a regional event. As the event agency of choice, we were tasked with providing technical event production and onsite event management services. The Head of Events had previously been used to International Conference budgets but tasked us with creating an “International Wow” with what was frankly a “regional whimper” budget!

Always one for a challenge, our event project management team picked up the gauntlet that had been thrown down….

The solution they hit upon: LIGHTING! And more importantly, the creative use of lighting. Our event production team sketched out a plan which included a simple bespoke set that cost under £1200 to build and then scoped out how we could use fully controllable lighting to deliver the variety of effects required. The key to this plan was the use of my favourite bit of audio-visual kit – the Wi-Fi uplighter!

With the basics of stage wash, taking control of the in-house lighting and just 4 ‘movers’, as well as the addition of the trusty wireless uplighters, our event production team created over 20 different, fantastic and dynamic looks, met the budget and delivered a ‘wow’ rather than a whimper!

At which point, I was able to hand back the gauntlet to our very satisfied client who promptly booked our live event production services (including technical event support and planning) for a seminar and a conference event later this year.

Now… time to get those wireless uplighter packs on charge.

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