Hybrid Events – Here’s what you need to know

March 25, 2022 – Rory Forder

Live and virtual events have been the standard for years. Not anymore. We now have a new form of events known as hybrid events. But what are they? And are they as good as other event types? Well today, we are going to be answering both of these questions and more!

Let’s get into it…

What are Hybrid Events?

In simple English, hybrid events are live events combined with a virtual online component. But what exactly is a virtual component? A virtual component can include many things. Such as:

  • The event having a digital overlay (streamed live online to remote viewers)
  • The event featuring speakers who themselves may be in a remote location
  • A live commentary being made over the event to be viewed as a recording after
  • Online presentations being shown during the live event

Imagine you’re at an event, if at any point during the event it features ANY online content, it classifies as a hybrid event.

However, they are normally known as live events being streamed to a virtual audience.

Here at Giggabox, we specialise in producing virtual, hybrid, and live events. Click here to get in touch.

What makes Hybrid Events different?

Since hybrid events combine aspects from both above event types, it can be difficult to distinguish them from each other.

  • Virtual Events – Events that take use a fully remote audience and participants. Click here to find out more.
  • Live Events – Events that take place in a physical location. With the audience and participants both present at the location. Click here to find out more.

If you are watching an event online and are unsure as to whether it’s virtual or hybrid, look out for any point which features a live speaker. As that is the clearest indication it’s in fact a hybrid event.

What are the benefits of Hybrid Events over Live Events?

With the world adapting their virtual and live events to hybrid events, it’s obvious that these events have their appeal. But what exactly makes them special? Well…

  • They are a more eco-friendly solution to live events. This is because the number of attendees has been reduced. Whether that’s the entire audience or just a few speakers. Therefore, CO2 levels created from potential attendees’ vehicles has been eliminated.
  • They are a more accessible solution to live events. Perhaps your car has broken down or you’re not feeling well. Hybrid events give you the choice to view the event from a remote location. They are also far more accessible to those who live thousands of miles from the event venue. This is because they can attend the event with no problem from their own home!
  • They can be a last-minute alternative to Live Event issues. Let’s say the speakers you had planned to host your event cancels for whatever reason. This can be very stressful! However, this isn’t an issue if you’ve chosen an event management company with pivoting capabilities. This means that your event can transition to a hybrid event at any point during the process. Therefore, the speaker who cancelled can feature from a remote location.

Here at Giggabox, we can pivot your live event to a hybrid/virtual event one at ease. So you can rest assured knowing the event isn’t ever in danger of cancellation.

What are the benefits of Hybrid Events over Virtual Events?

Virtual events have many benefits, whether that’s down to sustainability, cost savings, or easy accessibility. However, hybrid events one up virtual events in some areas. Below are some examples:

  • They cater to all audience needs. As dazzling as the environment or platform of the virtual event is, for some, nothing matches the experience of a live event setting. Hybrid events that use a live venue for participants and audience can be the perfect solution to this issue. It is also ideal for attendees who may not want to visit a venue out of health concerns.

Clearly, Hybrid Events provide an amazing solution for event hosts. Whether that’s because they want to target a more varied audience, or as a solution to live event issues. Here at Giggabox, we have experience producing countless hybrid events that audiences have loved. Click here to find out how we can deliver your hybrid event.

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