How To Market A Sports Event In 2022

April 12, 2022 – Rory Forder

Good marketing is key to all successful sports events. This is because you want as many eyes as possible watching. With the range of options able for viewing sports content, good marketing has never been more important! Today, you’ll find out exactly how to market a sports event effectively in 2022.

Let’s find out how!

What is a Sports Event?

Sports events are professional sport or athletic events that are usually competitive in nature.

They come in many shapes and sizes. They feature in person audiences from as little as 50, to as many as 100,000. In fact, the Narendra Modi Stadium in India has a capacity of 132,000!

However, the true audience for a sports event lies in its remote audience. For example, the 2021 Champions League final had over 700 million viewers. Some would argue that’s quite a few people!

This figure doesn’t even scratch the surface of those who just viewed videos or clips of the event.

Therefore, the importance of effective marketing for sports events is crucial!

How to Market a Sports Event in 2022

When you’re looking at marketing your sports event you need to understand your audience.

Below are just a few insights of your audience you need when marketing a sports event:

  • Age
  • Devices used to view content
  • Gender
  • Types of content your audience typically views
  • Country they are viewing from

These insights can be gathered using survey data or audience analytics among many other forms.

Once you have gained these insights, you can begin to form a strategy for marketing your sports event.

What is Sports Content?

In 2022, Sports content is viewed on more devices than ever.

This content comes in many forms. Obviously, the main source is the live event.

However, once the event has taken place, there is a goldmine of content for you to distribute to your audience. This includes clips from the event.

These clips can be of anything that took place in the event. For example, a clip of a goal being scored could be used as a content clip.

Clips can also include segments of discussions frompresenters. Or pre/post-match interviews of players/managers.

Where should you Distribute your Sports Content?

Once you have gathered the content, you need to know exactly where to distribute it.

Content distribution is crucial. It allows you to reach a vastly wider audience, while also reengaging your core audience.

Your content should be distributed through all social channels. Youtube, Twitter, and Tiktok are just a few examples of platforms you need to be distributing your content on.

Audiences will soon recognise you as a valid source for viewing exciting sports content.

What should you do once you have Distributed your Sports Content?

Once your sports event content is gathered and distributed, it is essential to understand the data behind your audience.

This data includes audience insights which you can then use to base future sports events around.

But what should you do during the off season of sports?

To successfully engage your audience through the off season, you need to be consistently posting sports content throughout the year.

This will allow you to gain value from your content without having to produce anything new.

Knowing exactly how to market a sports event is essential. This is because the potential reach for your content has never been greater! Audiences worldwide are now viewing sports content from so many different areas. This highlights how crucial it is to understand where you want to distribute your content.

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It also includes the complete marketing process of your content. So it is fully optimised and distributed on all media channels.

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