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Looking ahead to a Summer of Cricket

Cricket fans around the world are eagerly anticipating the upcoming summer of cricket at the Kia Oval, one of England’s most iconic cricket grounds. With a packed schedule of matches and events, the Kia Oval promises to be the epicentre of the cricketing world this summer.

What is an event organiser?

The events industry employs around 1,000,000 workers in the live events sector. Supporting around 2.5 million jobs in total. With roles as event managers, videographers, and audio technicians being filled. At the forefront of events are event organisers.

How to get into event management – easy guide

It’s a very exciting time to be in the field of event management. With the number of event types available, whether that’s in-person, virtual, or hybrid events, you’re given an array of exciting opportunities to showcase your skill.

Conference vs Meeting – What’s the difference?

Conference vs Meeting- a debate that’s been running for as long as time began. Well, maybe not that long, but it’s one that stumps so many due to their similarities. Today, we’ll be outlining exactly what they are, and what makes them different.

Why is time management important?

We explore why is time management important for an Event Organiser. An event organiser will cover every single aspect of the event management process. So for an in-person event, everything from the venue, camera operators, and audio technicians will be carefully chosen for the event.

How to organise a networking event in 2022

If your event management company wasn’t ready to adapt to the changing landscape caused by covid. With the world reacclimatising, networking events are back in full force. Find out exactly how to organise a networking event in 2022. 

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