Event Type

Automotion Events

Event Location

Utilita Arena, Sheffield

Event Date


The Brief

Our client: DL12 Indoor Trial were looking for an experienced event production company to facilitate their DL12 Indoor Trial Event of 2023.

The event needed to be grand and reflect the action packed nature of the trials. Featuring the world’s top riders, this was an event anticipated by fans and trial lovers.

We maximised our live event production to offer a complete event experience for all attendees.


What Did We Do?

This event required a huge array of live event services. Including…

  • Lighting, audio, and visuals for the large arena screen
  • Cutting 4 cameras with timing and score graphics for the big screen. With integrated replays
  • Microphones and music for the arena audio
  • Lighting throughout all sections of the venue

Harmonising all of the above allowed us to create an atmosphere which was optimised in each area.

How Did We Do It?

With such a variety of event services, we needed a team with a diverse set of skills. Therefore, we deployed event showrunners, event producers, audio technicians, camera operators, and event managers to facilitate the build, production, and management of the event.

We’d been planning for this event for months in advance. Ensuring each piece of equipment we’d need was functioning properly and available for the event.

The Giggabox team far exceeded my expectations; what you brought to the night was game changing and transformed this Trials event into something relevant for a sporting audience in 2023 and a sport far bigger than Trials currently is. Your whole team was brilliant, super accommodating, efficient and easy to work with.
Jake Miller, DL12 Trials

What Did We Achieve?

This was a ground-breaking event for us. With a huge amount of our services being used to power this event.

Ultimately, we have a blast producing the DL12 Indoor Trials. But what made the entire event such a positive experience for us was the awesome feedback we’ve received.


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